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Family Promise Teens

Family Promise Teens, or FPT, is a group of teens that really wants to make a difference in the community.  They are dedicated to helping others and are very hard workers. 

Family Promise Teens a group that was started last year just before our first Spaghetti Dinner in April of 2011. They are known for their excellent tie-dying, their enthusiasm to help Family Promise, and awesome fundraising skills.  Most of the teens are from Pennsville Memorial High School, but the group is open to all teens wishing to participate.

Last year they raised for Family Promise of Salem County (FPSC), $690 at the Kids Helping Kids Walk N Fun Day, $2400 at Pennsville’s Septemberfest and FPSC’s the Taste of South Jersey, selling their signature Tie-dyed T-shirts and aprons.

The Family Promise Teens have held donation drives, for household supplies and clothes. The FPT have made dinner for the families, and are readily available anytime FPSC needs volunteers

Family Promise Teens have been nominated for the 2012 Community Spirit award. 

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