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Why help?

Many of our families are the working poor who are especially hit hard in a weak economy. As companies cut back, many struggle to work 40 hours a week in jobs that pay substandard wages. In Salem County, a limited public transportation system limits those without personal transportation to jobs and daycare near bus routes. Families with vehicles struggle to pay for gasoline, repairs and monthly car payments. They know reliable transportation is the link to staying employed.

Many families have fallen financially behind because of past medical bills, the breakup of a marriage, the loss of a job or home. In these circumstances, Family Promise cannot offer a short-term solution to credit problems. But, working with other community resources, we can direct families to resources that can teach them how to begin paying off past debt and improve their credit rating. Working in partnership with area community resources and social service agencies, guest families can receive education and access to resources for employment counseling, child care, emergency food or shelter, legal aid, life skills, low income housing or rental assistance.

Where does your money go?

Your dollars are spent wisely to pay for rent, utilities and upkeep of the Family Center, the salary and benefits of our Executive Director, maintenance and gasoline for the network van. Individual giving is one of the biggest sources of funding for FPSC.

Financial Contributions:

Family Promise of Salem County (FPSC) is a 501c3 organization that is funded entirely through individual giving, grants, fundraisers, business and congregational support.

Family Promise is able to help to families at a fraction of the cost of government programs by working in coordination with existing community resources and the support of hundreds of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers keep our network running, but Family Promise could not exist without the financial support of individuals, businesses and religious congregations in our communities.

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FPSC receives no government funding. Our sources of income are donations, grants, and various fundraisers.


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