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Jennifer Batezel : Trustee

  • Jennifer Batezel was a resident of Pennsville for 34 years.  She left NJ for 10 years and lived in Florida.  Jennifer was in a volatile relationship and for her and her son, Mason’s  safety she returned to NJ.   When she came back she was no longer considered an NJ resident.  It normally takes one year to become a NJ resident, but because she was staying with friends and would move from place to place it took her three years to establish residency.  Sleeping on a sofa does not make you a permanent resident.

    In January 2012, where she was staying was not an ideal place for a 3 year old to be living.  It was a raucous environment.   Jennifer heard about Family Promise of Salem County (FPSC) from one of her friends.   She made the call that started her path back to normalcy.  Jennifer and Mason entered Family Promise and quickly became the model family.  She was in and out of FPSC in just three weeks.  It was a springboard for her.  Just the bounce she needed.  She had been working  hard to dig out and was beginning to lose hope.  While in FPSC Jennifer found her church, Quinton Baptist Church.  She has made a new set of friends and now has also made connections in FPSC that have changed her life.  She is living the normal life she lost when she was in an abusive relationship.  She is a volunteer for FPSC at her church and helps at the Family Center keeping current families on track- motivating them showing them by example to have hope for change.

    Jennifer is a RockStar; she is super at fundraising and asking for help and support for FPSC.  She knocked TOSJ out of the park in just one week while soliciting businesses to support the event.  Jennifer’s  energy, enthusiasm and experiences as a former guest gives her a unique perspective.  She can then witness to outsiders about Family Promise and how it helps homeless children and their families.

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